Saturday, March 14, 2020

The migration of rural southerners Essays

The migration of rural southerners Essays The migration of rural southerners Essay The migration of rural southerners Essay The paper should explore the migration of rural southerners, both black and white, to urban areas (outside the south and within the south) during the 1950`s. The paper should seek to disprove scholars (economists, demographers, historians, etc.) who believe that these southerners only migrated for economic reasons (lost their land, sought better jobs or more income). The thesis or arguement should prove that these southerners had a variety of personal or other reasons (to be with family/friends, avoid jim crow laws, be adventurous, etc) for migrating and that these were equally powerful motivators towards migration.Primary sources for this arguement should be from the testimony or first hand account of these migrants, both black and white. The paper should also touch on the differences between black reasons for migrating and white reasons (for rural southern migrants), as well as, their varying experiences. Sources to be used should be books, peer review journ als, newspaper articles, other credible articles, oral interviews or testimony (written, recorded or visual format). Only credible internet sites can be used (gov`t, major university, etc). Also, all of the sources must be obtainable within Michigan (no out of state sources that could only be obtained at that location), either as a purchase, loan from an institution or via an credible electronic service/source over the internet.Possible secondary sources which could be or should be used if useful otherwise leave out any secondary source that doesn’t apply.

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